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Closely and accurately assessing the needs of you, your spouse and your children is vital to a favorable outcome in the division of assets and debt in divorce. Both the assets and debts that you and your spouse accumulate during the marriage are usually accounted for in a property division agreement or court order.

Attorney Judith Payne will work to ensure fair and equitable distribution of property is achieved in an effective and efficient manner. As necessary, she works with forensic accountants and private investigators to uncover hidden assets and make accurate accounting of estates. She works with business valuation and appraisal experts to accurately determine the value of enterprises and assets.Asset Property Division

The equity in your home, investments, other real estate and debt liabilities are just the beginning of the complex process of property and debt division.

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Evaluating Your Full Financial Picture

The purpose of a comprehensive evaluation is to adequately plan for your future after divorce and to ensure that Judith has full knowledge of all the marital assets the opposing party might bring up or make claim upon. Judith’s understanding of your full financial picture is beneficial to your best possible outcome from the process.

She has 20 years of legal experience, which includes familiarity with division and valuation of retirement accounts (401(k) and 403(b) plans and pensions), stock options, Social Security benefits, medical needs, the economic standing of each party, contributions to the marriage by each party and the tax consequences of asset sales and other foreseeable expenses.

She is experienced in drafting qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO), which split and change ownership of retirement plan funds to allow the divorced spouses access to their fair share.

Professional representation is critical to maintaining your economic standing, lifestyle and ability to provide for your children.

Asset Division Lawyer Judith Payne

Payne Law Office can protect your rights to marital assets and advocate for your best possible outcome in the process of dividing property and debts.

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