Divorce Mediation Attorney

Divorce can become a legal battle very easily. Emotions run high, and there is more at stake than most people have ever dealt with before. Uncontested divorce is rare. Finding agreement on every single aspect of divorce is uncommon without collaborative agreements, and most people find they are many aspects they have not even considered.

For instance, how will you determine a fair parenting-time agreement or fair distribution of assets and debt from the perspective of both parties?Divorce Mediation

Mediation attorney Judith Payne can help you participate confidently in the mediation process that can provide for fair agreements that lead to better long-term results. She is a qualified neutral mediator on family law rosters under Rule 114 of the Minnesota Rules of General Practice.

Most often, she helps her clients get involved in mediation and advises them through the process, but she can also function as the neutral mediator between parties. Still, there is skill involved in choosing the right mediator to mesh with you. Judith evaluates available mediators to find the best professional for your case.

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The Process Of Mediation, Including Initial Case Management Conferences (ICMC)

If you decide that divorce is the best option for your family, an ICMC will take place with the judge presiding over your case within 30 days of your initial court filing. Judith will help you prepare for the ICMC, which allows the judge to gain an understanding of your case and recommend how to proceed.

Usually (unless domestic abuse is involved), the judge’s recommendation involves alternative dispute resolution (ADR), of which mediation is included, if he or she believes your case can benefit. It also gives the court the opportunity to intervene in the case, so it is important that you prepare thoroughly for the ICMC.

Judith can help you make the preparations that allow your case to move through the legal process with minimal delay and maximized efficiency.

Transformative Mediation

The mediator is not the focus in transformative mediation. Judith is skilled in several forms of mediation, but she favors this transformative mediation, in which the mediator helps the parties identify opportunities for empowerment and recognition shifts as they arise in conversation.

It empowers the parties to drive the conversation and choose how and when to act upon opportunities, eventually changing interactions from destructive to constructive — skills that will be necessary after divorce as you manage assets and parenting responsibilities.

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